Can you crush Omeprazole?

I was prescribed Omeprazole by a doctor and the doctor said I can crush it becuase I can't swallow pills, but the back of the box says "do not chew or crush the tablets".

I also own another question we were thinking instead to put it in some pudding or something instead of swallowing it beside water to see if that works but it says "swallow 1 tablet with a chalice of water before (30 minutes before) eating within the morning" so wouldn't taking it with food mess it up??

Also 1 more question. The box also says "do not use for more afterwards 14 days unless direced by a doctor". But since I was prescribed this for acid reflux do I suppost to only cart it for 14 days and stop or do I suppost to keep taking it??

You really need to call and collaborate to your doctor or his nurse. Only they can tell you what it is he wants you to do with the tablets. Anybody else would just be making guesses.
Yes, you can crush it. It works best when taken on an empty stomach but if you are really unable to bring it on an empty stomach you can take it disguised in food.

If you enjoy been given this for reflux you could take it for 14 days and then stop to see if the symptoms of reflux return. If the symptoms still keep trying start taking it again or see your doctor.

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